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afternoon ramblings ~ beauty is in the eye of the beholder

looking good is half the battle ~ celebrate how God created you to be

{A sneak peek of my vanity in my bedroom. I want to do some home tour photos soon.}

Because of the way God wired me, I am drawn to beauty like..well, I can’t think of a clever analogy at the moment, so let’s just say I am really drawn to beauty.ย  In and of itself, it’s a great trait; but mixed with a sinful nature, this appreciation of all things beautiful can lead to coveting, lust, insecurity, greed, jealousy, etc.ย  I’ve often struggled with this fascination I have for beautiful things, people, clothes – the list goes on – but, I believe God designed me this way on purpose, for a purpose.ย  So I confess and I yield to the Spirit, over and over, and try to celebrate this trait instead of stifle it.ย  Because when the sinful stuff doesn’t get mixed into it, it can be really enjoyable and valuable.

This blog post is a little shoutout to God for some of the cool/big/small/crazy/fun/random beauties He has provided for me to revel in:

~His Word :: Such a cliche, Sunday School thing to say, I know.ย  But currently I’m on a month-long mission of reading and re-reading the same passage of the Bible over and over.ย  I’m reading the book of I John, and there’s a lot of stuff about love in there.ย  I love love.ย  Love is beautiful.ย  This passage is beginning to sink into my soul, and sometimes when I read it, I am nearly overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s love for us and our ability to love like Him, through Him.

~The World Wide Web, aka The Internets, y’all :: That’s right, I went straight from the Bible to the internet.ย  Yikes.ย  But really.ย  I have been on a mission since my mid-twenties to clear up and smooth out my skin {which was blissfully much clearer and smoother when I was a teen, for some strange reason}.ย  Anyway, I am often thankful for the internet for a wide variety of reasons, but today I appreciate the odd beauty of being able to research natural ways to care for my skin and then order the suggested oils, right here from my own laptop.ย  Holla.

~Makeup :: I am a girly-girl through and through, and lately I’ve been enjoying the beauty of fun makeup, such as the palette shown above, the Urban Decay Electric palette.ย  Thanks to a Christmas gift card from my friend Cassie, I picked up this makeup at Ulta not too long ago, and I’ve been having fun with it ever since.

~Two turtledoves in the tree outside my office window ::ย  Seriously, I just looked out the window while writing this, and two sweet birdies were perched there on a branch and it made me stop and smile for a minute.ย  Love it.

~Swinging ::ย  Like, on a playground – you know, pumping your legs back and forth in order to soar higher and higher.ย  When is the last time you did that??ย  I went to a sacred {to me} little park by my office the other day for my lunch break, and I decided swinging should be something I partake in more often.ย  There’s something so beautiful about the breeze hitting your face as swing back and forth, while the sun beams down on you and anyone driving by probably thinks you’re a lunatic, but whatev.ย  It’s fun.ย  I might even stop by that park on my way home.

What beautiful things are you enjoying this week?



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