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afternoon ramblings ~ a fantasy day in blog world

I was thinking it would be fun to imagine how a day would go for me if I could hang out with some of my favorite bloggers.  Maybe this is only fun for me, but that’s okay because it’s my blog.  It could also be fun for you if you love following blogs as much as I do.

Here’s a peek inside my mind, featuring my blogging faves:

{Note: remember, this is all pretend.}

I’d sleep in a little, since every fantasy day for me ever would start by getting to sleep in.  Upon waking, I’d call up my friend and encourager and fellow believer Addie, and we’d do some sort of devotional/book discussion/deep talking to start the day off on a spiritual note.  Then I’d FaceTime my girl Blair {of Atlantic-Pacific} and she would help me choose an oh-so-perfect outfit for my brunch date with my lovely friend Kayla {from Not Your Standard}.  But before I headed out the door, my talented friend Cara would swing by to do my makeup because she does amazing makeovers and I’ve always been curious how I would look being “madeover” by some fab makeup artist.  The only thing about Cara’s work is that she gravitates strongly toward giving everyone a light, shiny pink lip – and, while I think that’s pretty, it’s a little blah for me, and honestly I think it looks a little juvenile on a lot of women.  Don’t worry, though, I’ve got a plan, and we’ll fix up my lips later in the day.  For now, we’ll let Cara do her thing and I’ll just go with the lipgloss look, since it’s all gonna come off when I eat brunch anyway.  About that brunch..

After getting all dolled up, I’d head over to Kayla’s house {it’s so convenient how she moved to OKC from Berlin just so we could hang out}, where I’d thoroughly enjoy her homecooked meal while we discussed fashion and blogging.  From there, I’d meet up with my girl Marlien {Le Catch} for some light shopping….and by light, I mean not light at all. But don’t worry, she’d pay for everything I wanted because she’s obviously way richer than me but that girl knows her fashion like no other, and who am I to protest if she wants to help me get it before it’s gone??

After all that shopping, I’d be famished of course, so I’d head over to Emma’s place, where she would give me some cooking tips while we made a lunch to share with all the fabulous A Beautiful Mess staffers {also so kind of them to relocate their office to be here in OKC}.  After lunch, Elsie would help me print out about a million of my photos and we’d have a grand time putting together some adorable photo albums for me to treasure for years to come.

At this point, I’d be pretty tired of messing with my photos, plus I’d remember that I really need to do something about my lips, so I’d drop by to see my friend {okay, this one really is my friend in real life, yay! :)} Heather, because that girl knows how to do a bold lip that looks amazing!  Heck, while we’re at it, I’d have her transition my makeup into more of an evening look.

Then I’d have my girl Grasie meet me at my house to pick out a really cool-chic outfit for the Thunder game I’d be attending that night with my pal Royce.  {Don’t worry, I know he’s married and I adore his wife.  This isn’t a date, it’s a blogging fantasy, remember.}  I’d attend a game with him to watch my favorite Thunder blogger at work and then I’d get to go into the locker room with him after the game to interview the players.   I’d also help him write the game recap, mostly by supplying him with some fashion-y notes to add about the players’ pre- and post-game wear.  Oh, and he would ask me to start doing a column on Daily Thunder where I document the fashion of game attendees, sort of like a street style blog, but more like arena style.

After all that, and thanks to the time difference, I’d catch a flight out to LA to cover some fantastic red carpet event with my girl Catherine.  We’d have a lovely time chatting about the style of the celebrities and all that fun stuff.  I’d catch a red eye back to OKC, and smile the whole way home about how I just had the best day ever!


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