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a story of two cats, a ghost and a gun, by my friend b

You all have no idea how excited I am to share today’s guest post, by my friend Brandie, aka B.  I know I’ve mentioned her several, several times on this blog before, and I am happy that you guys will get a deeper glimpse into the wonderful enigma that is my friend B.  Get ready, because this is a great story.

me and B

{First, let me preface this story by saying that B has been having A LOT of strange, strange dreams lately, as well as some other questionable things going on like she mentions below.  So, whenever she has been telling me these things, I merely have suggested that there might just be a demon in her apartment.  She says “ghost”, I say “demon” becasue it’s scarier, and I’m a good friend like that.  So, a couple of days ago, after the following happenings went down, I begged her to blog about it, and she agreed, as long as I would post photos of her cats so that they would be famous to the thirteen people who read my blog.  Personally, I think the cats are the problem.  Everyone knows that cats are evil. ;)}

B’s cats

B’s gun

Two Cats, A Ghost & A Gun
{by my friend B}

It has been suggested that I may have a ghost living in my bedroom closet and I haven’t wanted to talk about it until now. It came on the scene in July around the same time I bought a gun and brought it into my apartment. Let me explain.

I have two cats. They are very old and like sleeping through the night which I very much appreciate. However, back in July they started a nightly routine of scratching on the closet door, all…night…long. When this first started I thought they were just getting too old to jump up on the bed and needed a way to get my attention to put them up there. That is not the case, I have recently seen them do it. So, more often than not I get up several times during the night to pull them off the closet door and put them on the edge of my bed hoping they’ll fall asleep only to hear them scratching on the closet door minutes later.

Since the only obvious connection to the cat’s strange behavior and the ghost would be the addition of a firearm in my home I thought I should call the gun range where it was purchased to see if this is a common occurrence…and because I was bored. This is how the conversation went down:

Me: I have a question for you and I am mostly being serious

Guy on the phone (GOTP): Okay, let’s hear it

Me: I bought a gun from your store a few months back and now I think have a ghost in my closet

GOTP: Why would you have a ghost in your closet?

Me: Well, I didn’t have a ghost until after I brought the gun into the house so I think the ghost came with the gun

GOTP: Have you seen the ghost?

Me: No, but my cats stay up all night scratching on the closet door and friends have suggested the gun may have come with a ghost

GOTP: Has the ghost said anything to you?

Me: No, thank goodness. It doesn’t really bother me, just bugs the cats all night long while I am trying to sleep

GOTP: Did you buy the gun new?

Me: Yes, it still had the goop inside

GOTP: still had the goop inside huh…you should take the goop out

Me: I did, a while back. Do you sell used guns in your store?

GOTP: yes we do

Me: Do you think the ghost from an old gun got into my gun?

GOTP: No, it doesn’t really work that way. What kind of gun do you have?

Me: 9 mm, are those prone to have ghosts?

GOTP: Not that I know of, so the gun jams up when you are trying to fire it?

Me: No, the ghost hasn’t messed with me while I am shooting the gun, but I haven’t tried to shoot it in my house. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try and shoot the ghost.

GOTP: No, don’t do that. If you are in an apartment you’ll end up shooting your neighbor

Me: and the police won’t understand when I try to explain that I was only trying to shoot a ghost

GOTP: No, they probably won’t. Maybe you could put the gun in a box

Me: It’s in a box.

GOTP: Maybe you should try putting the gun in another room so the ghost won’t bother the cats at night

Me: You think that’s all I need to do

GOTP: It’s worth a try. You could take the gun to a priest and have him exorcise it

Me: I thought about getting some holy water from a Catholic church to sprinkle on it but I am not Catholic, can I just walk in and get that stuff?

GOTP: I have a friend who is a priest and he visits people’s homes to bless them and get rid of any ghosts, he may be able to help you?

Me: I’m good friends with my pastor, do you think it works the same if he’s not a priest?

GOTP: I’m not sure but it’s worth a try. If those things don’t work call me back.

Don’t worry, he had fun with it, he was laughing the entire time.

And there you have it: and afternoon in the life of B.  Hope you all enjoyed.  Happy Wednesday!


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AnonymousOctober 5, 2011 - 7:30 pm

Clearly the problem is the white cat. Look at her, she just looks like a demon in feline form.


AnonymousOctober 7, 2011 - 2:46 pm

B. Sounds like she is nuts. Are you sure you want her to be your friend?

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