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a photo shoot in the woods – mike & candace & their dogs

So in my last post, I shared the professional headshots I did of my dear friends Mike and Candace. Today, I’m sharing the sweet family photos we did of them in the woods with their dogs near Packwood, Washington. This was such a beautiful area to shoot in, with the prettiest trees!

Honestly these photos just warm my heart so much. Mike has been one of my closest friends since I was thirteen years old. He and I have watched each other go through a variety of life challenges, including some very questionable relationship decisions. lol. His relationship with Candace is the best one I’ve seen him in. Candace is just a warm and truly kind person. She is the real deal – sweet and fun and cute and cool! They’re pretty adorable together! And I love seeing Mike so genuinely happy at this point in life. I tend to be a little cynical about love, but Mike and Candace’s love encourages me to believe. :)

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