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diy ~ neon ombre purse

Neon and ombre are two trends that have been going strong for awhile now.  And since I live in Oklahoma, where trends come and go with less speed and frequency, I figure they’ll both be around for awhile. ;)  But really, maybe I should have done this little painted bag diy a couple of months ago, when I actually got the purse and the paint.

But this is how things go for me.  And I firmly believe in “better late than never”.  So the other night when I had some free time at home, I decided to go right ahead and create this fun purse.  It was so quick and easy, y’all!

I started with this simple purse I picked up at Goodwill for a few dollars.  When I bought it, I felt like it was a nice, blank canvas.  All it needed was some neon fabric paint!

At first, I thought I’d do some sort of color blocking on it, but when I sat down to work on it, I decided to go in a more ombre direction.  All I did was use an old paint brush to apply the fabric paint.And when I started feeling ready to be done, I sped up the process a little by squeezing some paint directly onto the purse and then blending it. :)That’s it!  I think it turned out pretty cute.  And since I went with yellow and orange neon paint, I am just gonna say this is okay for a fall post.  Even though the colors of the bag make me think of a beachy sunset during summertime. To be honest, I own a lot {a lot!} of cute purses already, so I’m thinking this might end up being a holiday gift for someone I love!  I like to do handmade or thrifted gifts for the holidays.  This one would be both.  So, who wants it? :)


p.s.  Have you ever painted a purse?  Or turned something plain into something fab?  Isn’t it cool how a little paint can equal an instant upgrade?!

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