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photo shoot ~ church staff headshots

LC BB Staff 03Yesterday, I posted pix of my friends Vince & Melissa and their fam.  Vince is the campus pastor at the new LifeChurch.tv campus over on Britton and Broadway.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to come take a few staff photos for them.  We did a couple group ones and then some headshots for any of the staff who needed them.  Just thought I’d share them here.  And of course, I love my church so I want to encourage anyone who is looking for a church to check out a LifeChurch.tv campus! :)

Okay, let’s all pause for a moment of envy over Jamie’s rock-star-cool hair and oh-so-perfect skin.  Jealous sigh.  ;)

LC BB Staff 12LC BB Staff 19LC BB Staff 24LC BB Staff 21LC BB Staff 16LC BB Staff 27Happy rainy Wednesday, friends!


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photo shoot ~ the very cool parker family

P59This is seriously one of the coolest families I know.  Vince and Melissa are just really genuine, chill people.  I feel like you can tell from their pix exactly how awesome they are. :)P07full length standing couple poseP26P35P29I’m worried that these kids don’t really know how to express themselves and show off their personalities…. ;)

cool girlP39I am such a fan of Adriana’s style!  This girl is way too cool.

P43P46P51I adore this mother-daughter photo.  I wish I had more pix of me with my mom when I was younger!

P17Cool dudes.  Clearly. P64And did I mention how stylish they are?!  Makes me think of the quote by Edna Woolman Chase: “Fashion can be bought.  Style one must posses.”  Vince & Melissa and their kids all posses style, for sure!

city portraitsLike I said, these cool kiddos seem to struggle with expressing themselves….

P72P78P80P69P81sibling photo collageP98Vince, Melissa, Xavier, and Adriana~

You guys rock!  I loved doing your family portrait session.  Thank you for having me do these, and for being great real-life friends, too. :)


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that’s what she wore ~ blue & white & gold & thrifted

IMG_3412Last night, as I laid down to go to bed at an embarrassingly early hour, I was exhausted in the best possible way.  My heart was filled to overflowing after a week of really great experiences.  First, I started off last week by going on a youth retreat with teens from my church.  This retreat is called Capacity, and it’s a leader-training opportunity for teens who display leadership potential and are already serving in the church.  I feel privileged that I got to attend.  God revealed some stuff to me about myself and some of my girls who went, and He answered a specific prayer in a wonderful way that just makes my heart so happy.

That was the first half of my week, and then this weekend was filled with a truly beautiful celebration of love and God’s blessings demonstrated so clearly though the wedding of my friends Shea & Teyon.  I had the honor of photographing their wedding, and it was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been a part of.  {I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but how else would I word that previous sentence??  Or did they do away with that grammar rule?  My inner grammar snob needs to know.}

Of course, I feel like you can’t have a week of spiritual and emotional highs without having Satan sweep in with an attack in your most vulnerable area.  So that happened this weekend with me, also, but I do believe that God has been preparing my heart and giving me emotional strength to recognize these attacks when they happen.  I can’t say that I responded perfectly, but I can say I am so thankful for the spiritual armor He provides for times like these.  And, over and over, I am eternally grateful for His grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.

Now, since all blog posts are always better with photos, I thought I’d share some images of me {shot by my sis Mandi} in another thrifted outfit – because that’s what I do. :)  {Please don’t get confused and think this is an outfit I wore this week or weekend, it’s actually from a few months ago when it was cooler outside.  Not that it really matters when I wore this, but I like to keep it real for y’all.  And I definitely haven’t been wearing long sleeves and scarves in the summer heat.  But whatev. :)}

IMG_3443ecrthrifted street styleIMG_3489IMG_3491

cobalt blue pants with gold shoesThe accessories here are another example of wearing things in ways other than they were intended to be worn – like I mentioned in this post.  See the flower crown I am wearing?  It’s really a necklace.  And that gold scarf?  It’s a ridiculous little gold skirt I found at the thrift store.  It’s way too small to fit my hips, but I just couldn’t resist that shiny fabric, so….it became a scarf for this outfit! :)  No sewing involved – I simply bunched it up around my neck and rolled the elastic waistband in so it wouldn’t show.

gold scarfIMG_3466IMG_3472Happy Monday, friends!  Here’s to good weeks and wonderful weekends and the good kind of tired and to keeping it real. :)


All photos of me in this post were shot by my sis Mandi.

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thrift thriving ~ soft & pretty pastels

IMG_7243This is the final outfit from my little fashion shoot with ShaKari recently. I extra-love it, because for years now I have wanted to photograph someone by this white scrolly ironwork!  I am so happy that I finally got the chance to, and I think ShaKari was the perfect subject for this fab location!

IMG_7233IMG_7254IMG_7261IMG_7268thrifted style outfitI’ve also had all the pieces for this outfit for a long time now.  To be honest, when I found this sweet minty green set at the thrift store a few years ago, it was before mint green had made a big comeback in the fashion world, and kimonos weren’t anywhere on the scene. I had it hanging in my closet for years without wearing it at all.  See, it’s a little too long for me to wear as a top and a little too small for me to wear as a dress.  But ShaKari is the perfect height to get away with wearing this as a long top.  And it just so happens I found some shorts a year or so ago in that same shade of pale green, so we just put it all together to make a sweet summertime outfit.   {you can see the shorts more clearly in this post.}

IMG_7296And of course, when your outfit is all one shade of color, you need to add a little pop with your accessories.  I adore this passport wallet we used as a fun clutch.  I mean, who even knew there was such a thing as passport wallets??  I certainly didn’t know it before I came across this one at a thrift store.  I feel like fancy international travelers know about such things – but I need Goodwill in order to discover them, ha!

IMG_7302This necklace adds more color into the mix, with it’s bright strands of beads.  For some reason, I really love the look of silver with pastels.  It just feels fresh to me.

IMG_7320-2IMG_7326IMG_7337The details on this top are so delicate and pretty!  Anytime I come across pieces like this at thrift store, I snatch them up.  Unique is what I’m going for – but good unique!  Not like “wow, that’s, um, interesting” unique.

IMG_7366IMG_7346I’ve really enjoyed this little series with ShaKari, and I look forward to more shoots with her like this!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I am super excited about a wedding I am photographing tomorrow in downtown OKC!


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photo shoot ~ mother-daughter session with flower crowns

K032As I mentioned in my last post, I am loving all things exotic right now.  I’d say this gorgeous mother and daughter fit the bill for exotic beauty, don’t you?  I adore the outfits they chose for their session! pretty mother daughter photos4As soon as Kia, the mother, sent me a pic of the dresses and flower crowns they were going to wear, I knew I had to bust out my sweet thrifted wicker chairs to use for this photo shoot!  I don’t use a lot of props, but I think these chairs were the perfect touch, don’t you?  :)

K023pretty mother daughter photos2And the light was simply magical the evening of our session!  When they talk about “the golden hour”, this is what they mean.  So pretty!

pretty mother daughter photos1pretty mother daughter photos3pretty mother daughter photos7This little lady is a true beauty, and she was perfect during our session!

pretty mother daughter photos8Of course, that doesn’t mean her mouth didn’t get tired of smiling at some point. ;)

pretty mother daughter photos9While scouting out locations for this shoot, I spotted this tree covered in pink blooms.  Doesn’t it make such a gorgeous backdrop for these lovelies?

pretty mother daughter photos5pretty mother daughter photos6pretty mother daughter photos0Kia was rocking the above pose so fiercely that I just had to get one of her alone like that, too.pretty mother daughter photos1 (1)Dang, hot mama!  And what’s a queen without her throne? :)  A white wicker one in this case, but Kia makes it look pretty regal, doesn’t she?

K067Most of time, I would say the Oklahoma wind doesn’t really do us photographers any favors, but occasionally it lends the perfect little supermodel-fan-blown look.  :)

pretty mother daughter photos4 (1)pretty mother daughter portraitpretty mother daughter photos6 (1)pretty mother daughter photos5 (1)pretty mother daughter photos7 (1)Kia & Brookelynn~

Wow!!  I loved your session so much, from start to finish!  Thanks for making my job easy by being such fab models, and thanks for choosing to have my do this photo shoot. :)


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annaJuly 16, 2014 - 2:48 am

Stunning photos! I love them. The backgrounds and light played well together, but the models are pretty gorgeous too :)