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weekend finds ~ thrifty home goods

fabulous secondhand finds 01I had an early photo session this past Saturday morning, so when I was done, I stopped back by my house to pick up my grandma and head over to my favorite local thrift store.  I wanted to find a big cork bulletin board to cover and use in our house.  Along the way, we passed a couple of garage sales and just had to stop and shop!  We spent literally every bit of cash we had on us, which wasn’t a whole lot – and we got some fun treasures. :)  We did end up at the thrift store, eventually – where they take debit cards, yay! ;)  I never found a bulletin board, but I wanted to share the goods I did find.

First I have to point out the gorgeous floral bedspread I am using as a backdrop here.  I got it from the sweetest little lady for a dollar fifty at a garage sale.  It’s super soft and old and worn, and I absolutely love it!  It’s the perfect spring update for my bedroom.

And also please notice the pretty gold and glass little shelf {end table?} that I’ve gathered the items onto.. It was five dollars at a garage sale.

Next up is this beautiful small gold notebook with blank pages.  I am a sucker for pretty notebooks, so I scooped this up for fifty cents at a garage sale.fabulous secondhand finds 04I also grabbed these wooden bowls {fifty-nine cents each, I believe} and small saucer plates {ninety-nine cents} to put under my potted plants.  I got these at the thrift store, where they offer a Keep It Local discount, so actually these were all fifteen percent cheaper than listed here.fabulous secondhand finds 05This summery straw bag was fifty cents at a garage sale.  The chain handle is what really did me in. fabulous secondhand finds 06fabulous secondhand finds 08I picked up this cute little vintage…thing?  Hat box, maybe?  Sewing box?  Cute empty container which will nicely hide some of my crap?  Yes.  It was five dollars minus fifteen percent.fabulous secondhand finds 09These fancy peacocks were a dollar at a garage sale.  I think I want to paint them a fun color.  I can’t decide if they should be gold or emerald green…. Help me choose!fabulous secondhand finds 10That fabulous gold rolling pin was calling my name for sure!  It came from the same garage sale where I got the bedspread and also this cool ruler.  The rolling pin was a dollar and the yardstick was five, I believe.  I love that it says Oklahoma City on it, of course!fabulous secondhand finds 11So those are my treasures from this past weekend, along with a couple of other things I can’t post yet because I’m giving them as gifts. :)

Here’s proof that I buy more than just clothes secondhand!


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AnnaApril 21, 2015 - 3:11 am

I vote emerald green for the peacocks, but either color would rock! You inspire me to go thrifting for my blog. :) That rolling pin is MONEY

DIFTIApril 21, 2015 - 3:41 pm

OH MY GOSH. You’re amazing at thrifting! You got so much amazing stuff! Why not gold aaaand emerald green? That’s a lucky color combo for sure.


TinaApril 21, 2015 - 7:29 pm

I’d go for turquoise on the peacocks :) I collect yard sticks. That’s a cool one!

danielleApril 22, 2015 - 8:37 pm

you got some really cute stuff! the peacock would look lovely in gold :)

KristenApril 23, 2015 - 2:10 am

You’re so good at finding great “thrifted” deals!! I nominated you for the Libester Award on my blog today!


~ Carmen ~April 23, 2015 - 7:40 pm

Great finds. Love the hat box thingie. The design is adorable. I used to thrift religiously, but I’ve cut down a bit. :]

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photo shoot ~ carson’s senior portraits in downtown okc

outdoor male senior pictures  01A few weeks ago, Carson and I met up downtown to do his senior portrait session.  I’ve known Carson for a couple of years.  We met at my church.  He’s a very cool guy, and I was pretty excited about some of the spots we found for his shoot, like this parking garage in the first few photos.outdoor male senior pictures  02outdoor male senior pictures  03outdoor male senior pictures  04outdoor male senior pictures  05I think Carson must have secretly been working on his posing skills.  Either that, or it just comes naturally to him.  He was really great in front of the camera!outdoor male senior pictures  06outdoor male senior pictures  07outdoor male senior pictures  08outdoor male senior pictures  09The light was ridiculously great that evening.  This is what you call the golden hour, and we photographers love it!outdoor male senior pictures  10outdoor male senior pictures  11outdoor male senior pictures  12outdoor male senior pictures  13outdoor male senior pictures  14outdoor male senior pictures  15outdoor male senior pictures  16Carson~

Thanks for having me do your senior pictures!  You are awesome. :)


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afternoon ramblings ~ non-thrifted clothing, oh my!

coral jumpsuit easter outfitLet’s talk about my Easter outfit {pictured above}, because why not?  Actually, there’s a lot I have to say about this.  I got this sweet coral jumpsuit at Ross.  The shoes, hat, and clutch were all thrifted.  Honestly, I was a little ashamed that I got my jumpsuit at Ross.  Several years ago, Ross was my number one shopping spot, but now I feel guilty about consuming cheap fashion.  I can’t help but wonder where those clothes are all made, and how the workers are treated, and why it’s all so cheap.. So the vast majority of my clothing purchases are now secondhand.  It’s nice to spend my money at places where it’s going to a good cause, which is the case with most thrift stores.  My local favorite is Heart and Hand.  It benefits homeless women and children in OKC, and it’s also where I got this cool hat.  I might have gotten these heels there, too, I really can’t remember.  Anyway, I ran into Ross the other day looking for something to possibly wear to photograph my cousin’s wedding.  I already had a perfectly great navy Michael Kors jumpsuit I had picked up at TJ Maxx recently {I’m telling you, all this new-clothes shopping is very out of character for me these days – I don’t know what’s gotten into me}; but truth be told, I had this idea of a cool, floaty, printed maxi dress that I wanted to find and wear.  I have been scouring thrift stores in hopes of finding a vintage one, but it never materialized.  So I borrowed a kimono from a friend and wore it with my navy jumpsuit and it was just fine.  {One of my blogging pet peeves is when someone mentions something specific on their blog and doesn’t show a photo of it, so I’ll throw in a phone pic of my wedding outfit to show you — a mirror phone pic, at that!  Sure, let’s just go with the iPhone pix of my outfits for this post. :)}  But anyway, back to getting this jumpsuit at Ross.  Even though I was looking for a floaty maxi dress, this jumpsuit caught my eye, because I knew my cousin’s wedding colors were coral and blue, and I like to coordinate with a wedding when possible.  Plus, pants are easier to shoot in than a dress, usually.  I tried on this coral jumpsuit and immediately loved it.  I felt really pretty in it, which is important, because I’ve been struggling with that a bit since gaining some weight {just keeping it real here}.  Even in the dressing room, though, I knew I wouldn’t want to wear it to shoot the wedding in, because though the top is lined {really just a double layer of the same fabric}, the bottom part is very thin and clingy.  And the wide legs with heels wouldn’t be super easy to wear all day while shooting.  But I felt too pretty in it to leave it in the store, and I was excited to find something cool that I felt great in, so I decided to get it for Easter Sunday.  And I’m really happy I did, even with the nagging guilt.  I’m not all about compromising your conscience or anything like that, but maybe like with a healthy diet {which I am also working on developing}, maybe it’s okay to cheat every once in a great long while??  Guilt or not, one thing I love about these jumpsuits is that they both have pockets {insert hands raised emoji}!  Pockets make my life -and posing- easier. :)navy MK jumpsuitHave you made any purchases lately that you simultaneously love and feel a bit guilty about??  Come to think of it, I should probably feel more guilty about most of my clothing purchases..  Even when I thrift, I know I could usually be spending that money in a better way, plus I already have so. many. clothes.  Haha!


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Kelly BeaneApril 10, 2015 - 12:42 am

I think you look stunning in the pink jumpsuit!!!! When I saw your Easter photo on facebook, I was like WHOA! :) Love ya!

wonderful wedding wednesday ~ levi & emily’s iowa barn wedding {preview}

iowa barn wedding 19My cousin Emily got married this past weekend at the sweetest wedding in a beautiful barn in Iowa.  I loved her and Levi’s wedding, and couldn’t wait to share a preview post of some of my favorite images from the day.  I’m in a rush to get this posted before I head to church this evening, so I will keep my commentary to a minimum and let the photos do the talking. :)iowa barn wedding 02iowa barn wedding 01iowa barn wedding 08iowa barn wedding 10iowa barn wedding 09iowa barn wedding 04When we did this pic, Emily commented that Levi had been looking at Pinterest too much. ;)  Haha, I love it!iowa barn wedding 05iowa barn wedding 03iowa barn wedding 06You have to love it when a bride embraces every part of her wedding day, crazy wind and all, and just soaks it in and enjoys it!iowa barn wedding 07Eeek!  These are my adorable cousins and I love them so much!iowa barn wedding 11iowa barn wedding 12Are you dying over that chandelier?  Because I am. iowa barn wedding 13iowa barn wedding 14iowa barn wedding 16iowa barn wedding 17iowa barn wedding 18iowa barn wedding 20iowa barn wedding 22iowa barn wedding 15This is a cute pose they requested with their maid of honor and best man, and I just love it. :)iowa barn wedding 21Congrats, Emily & Levi!!!!!  Hope you’re having a wonderful honeymoon!  Love you so much!


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Kathy TjernagelApril 9, 2015 - 2:34 am

Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom
Looks wonderful!

[…] wonderful wedding wednesday ~ levi & emily’s iowa barn wedding {preview} […]

Kelly BeaneApril 10, 2015 - 12:39 am

Gorgeous images… I love every detail. Job well done, as usual! :)

Cynthia ClarkApril 10, 2015 - 10:38 am

Beautiful pictures, they brought tears to my eyes. What a great place for a wedding. And what a nice looking couple. Well done!!

think thrifted ~ who wore it better? featuring taylor swift and grace day

Grace Free People DressYou might remember the gorgeous senior portrait session of Grace Day which I blogged last fall {<– please click that link if you haven’t seen the photos.I seriously love them! :)}.  What I didn’t mention in the original blog post was that I found this adorable Free People dress at Goodwill for $4.99.  Grace totally rocked it in her session!  And then yesterday, I came across this photo online of Taylor Swift wearing the exact same dress back in January!

This was extremely awesome to me for a couple of obvious reasons:

One, because we paid $4.99 for a dress that retails for a lot more and is cool enough for a top celebrity to wear; and two, because we were so ahead of the curve here, with Grace wearing this dress months before Tay Tay.  I mean, really Taylor should be embarrassed for clearly copying our style.  Geez.Taylor Swift Free People DressBut you know, these things do happen.  So the only real question here is: Who Wore It Better??taylor swift vs grace{I like how similarly they both styled the dress!  Such cool girls, both of them.}



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MaryApril 8, 2015 - 2:32 pm

I love Tay’s style, but Grace totally wins this one…obvs :)

Kelly BeaneApril 10, 2015 - 12:44 am

I agree, they both are gorgeous, but Grace wins. I love the dress paired with the hat in the last photo!!