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photo shoot ~ mother-daughter session with flower crowns

K032As I mentioned in my last post, I am loving all things exotic right now.  I’d say this gorgeous mother and daughter fit the bill for exotic beauty, don’t you?  I adore the outfits they chose for their session! pretty mother daughter photos4As soon as Kia, the mother, sent me a pic of the dresses and flower crowns they were going to wear, I knew I had to bust out my sweet thrifted wicker chairs to use for this photo shoot!  I don’t use a lot of props, but I think these chairs were the perfect touch, don’t you?  :)

K023pretty mother daughter photos2And the light was simply magical the evening of our session!  When they talk about “the golden hour”, this is what they mean.  So pretty!

pretty mother daughter photos1pretty mother daughter photos3pretty mother daughter photos7This little lady is a true beauty, and she was perfect during our session!

pretty mother daughter photos8Of course, that doesn’t mean her mouth didn’t get tired of smiling at some point. ;)

pretty mother daughter photos9While scouting out locations for this shoot, I spotted this tree covered in pink blooms.  Doesn’t it make such a gorgeous backdrop for these lovelies?

pretty mother daughter photos5pretty mother daughter photos6pretty mother daughter photos0Kia was rocking the above pose so fiercely that I just had to get one of her alone like that, too.pretty mother daughter photos1 (1)Dang, hot mama!  And what’s a queen without her throne? :)  A white wicker one in this case, but Kia makes it look pretty regal, doesn’t she?

K067Most of time, I would say the Oklahoma wind doesn’t really do us photographers any favors, but occasionally it lends the perfect little supermodel-fan-blown look.  :)

pretty mother daughter photos4 (1)pretty mother daughter portraitpretty mother daughter photos6 (1)pretty mother daughter photos5 (1)pretty mother daughter photos7 (1)Kia & Brookelynn~

Wow!!  I loved your session so much, from start to finish!  Thanks for making my job easy by being such fab models, and thanks for choosing to have my do this photo shoot. :)


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thrift thriving ~ shakari’s hippie glam look

thrfited hippie glam outfitOh, man.  I am dying over this post!  I’m having a very all-things-exotic-and-or-tropical moment, and I think this has just enough of that feel to really make my heart happy. :)

sequin top with hippie skirtLet’s talk a bit about styling, because styling can take one piece of clothing {or an accessory} and morph it to have a completely different effect from one outfit to the next.  For example, I posted this same top and headband styled completely differently in my little preview post of ShaKari the other day.  With that look, I feel that these same pieces have a cool-girl-in-the-city-during-summertime feel {I imagine her meeting up with friends for ice cream :)}, whereas here they feel distinctly more hippie-glam.  Hippie-glam is probably my very favorite style, by the way – followed closely by rockstar-cool-girl.  Maybe I made up both those terms, but whatev.  They definitely exist.

necklace as headbandOkay, so speaking of styling, I want to encourage everyone everywhere {let’s be dramatic} to think outside the box when it comes to your accessories.  I am a big fan of wearing things in more ways than one.  Like this headband..which is actually a necklace.  I’ve owned this necklace for years, and worn it as a necklace for years.  But I love me some headband crowns, and one day I plopped this on my head and it made the perfect headband! :)  I am alllll about accessories, so I knew I wanted some extra little somethings for this look for ShaKari, but I felt like a necklace on top of this super sparkly shirt might have been too much.  Then I remembered my necklace-turned-headband, and voila! :)

necklace worn as crownAnother simple example of using accessories in ways other than they were intended to be used: here’s a little pearl necklace worn as a bracelet. And can we talk about that perfect polka dot clutch?!  I love, love, love all the textures here!

perfect thrifted polka dot clutchCan you believe I found all of this stuff at thrift stores??  Especially that clutch and amazing skirt!  Although that sequin top wasn’t too shabby of a find, either, considering it was still sporting the original tags.  I love finding thrifted stuff that’s never been worn.  New clothes at used clothing prices?  Yes, please and thank you! :)

shades of brown outfitWhen one is wearing similar tones from head to toe, it can be fun to add a little pop of color via makeup.  That’s what we did here with ShaKari’s green eye shadow.  Just something bright and fun to showcase her pretty brown eyes.  :)

exotic thrifted outfitShout out to ShaKari for being a fabulous model and enduring mosquitoes swarming us at this location.  Check back soon for another outfit modeled by her.  And see previous posts similar to this one {thrifted outfits styled by me} here, here, here, and here. :)


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true life stories ~ my new home

When I was in my early 20′s, I moved out from living with my parents and into a tiny apartment with my sister Amber.  Since then, we lived in a couple different places together: another rent house close to that same first apartment in Bethany, OK {with a few different fun roomies}, and a house in Yukon that Amber bought and still lives in…I lived there, too, until this past weekend, when I moved into this adorable little rent house in Bethany.

IMG_8020In all my years so far on this earth, there’s been a consistent theme when it comes to big life decisions.  It goes something like this: God stirs a desire or idea in my heart, and I begin to think about it and talk with Him about it, and eventually He opens a door so clearly for me that I would have to be pretty stupid to not walk through it.  And I am not a dumb girl. ;)

And that’s exactly how God brought me to this season of life, of living on my own in this sweet house.  I had been thinking and praying and even talking a little about moving out on my own, and then an awesome couple from my church told me about this house they had for rent.  I tried to talk my precious grandma in to moving down here from Iowa with me {because, as much stuff as I have, this house is too big for just me by myself}, and she agreed sort of, but then changed her mind.  I thought that meant the door was closed on living in this house, but after praying and talking with some people, I still felt God really pushing me to go through this door.  In fact, He made it blatantly obvious that this is what I should do.  So I made the decision to go ahead, and started praying about finding the right roommate – and guess what??  My grandma is now on board to move down here next month to live with me!  I am so excited!

I will truly miss living with Amber.  She was the absolute best roommate I could have asked for.  I can never thank her enough for the years we lived together.  But I think she and I are both glad I will have a whole house to use for all. my. stuff. :)  And we will only be living about ten minutes from each other now.

I just wanted to share a peek into my little corner of the world.  This isn’t a whole house tour, but just a glimpse to introduce you all to new home. :)  I have so many ideas {and so! many! pins! on Pinterest} for how I will be decorating, so as I start to do all of that, I will post room by room photo tours.  For today, I will share the great kitchen and my bedroom and closet – yay! :)

IMG_8057This bedroom is huge, y’all!  It’s impossible to tell the scale in this photo, but once I post pix with all the furniture and stuff in it, you will be able to tell. I am just thrilled with this room!

IMG_8084This door is at the back of my bedroom {I took the above photo from inside this doorway, if that helps}….and it leads to the most glorious place ever: a walk-in closet!!  I’ve never in my life had a walk-in closet before, and let me tell you, I will be putting this baby to good use! :)

IMG_8085Again, these photos really don’t do justice to the size of the space.  And I didn’t even show you all the angles right here.  But look at those shelves!  You know what’s gonna be happening there, right??  Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!  Yeahhh. :)

empty closetCan you tell how happy I am about my new house?  I know it’s not technically my house, because I’m just renting and not buying; but it is my new home, and I couldn’t be happier about it!  :)  I am also excited to share photos as I start to decorate it.

I have to get a little bit emotional to end this post..  The past few years have not been the easiest years for me, but God was always there for me, and it seems like this year has been a steady upward climb out of the heartache I had slipped into.  I am so thankful for the many, many blessings God has given me recently.  I am grateful for the wonderful people He has used to help me through this weird, amazing journey of life.  And most of all, I am indebted to Him for the peace He has brought to my heart this year!


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throwback thursday ~ a patriotic lakeside wedding

raising the flagA few years ago, I photographed my friend Jenna’s beautiful lakeside wedding.  I posted an album of their engagement and wedding photos on my photography Facebook page, but I don’t think I ever blogged any of them.  With tomorrow being the Fourth of July, I thought I’d share a few of the patriotic touches that were worked into their wedding day.

american flag at lake weddingamerican flag in cabinOld Glory makes a beautiful background for such a stunning bride!

bride with american flagAnd of course: fireworks.

fireworks at weddingHope you all have a lovely Independence Day!  I have some exciting independence news of my own to share here, maybe tomorrow or maybe Monday {if I’m enjoying the holiday too much to blog tomorrow.. :)}.


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thrift thriving ~ shimmery, summery shakari

summer sequinsI’m so excited to start sharing from a recent shoot I did of the gorgeous ShaKari!  This perfect little shimmery summer outfit was actually sort of a combination of the two outfits we shot.  When she was switching from one outfit to the other, I decided we should grab a few with this combo.  So this post is a bit of a preview for the other two looks. :)  I just loved the sweet summery feel of all of this, from the outfit to the location.

shimmer top mint green shortsThis is another post where I found all the pieces at the thrift store and then styled the outfits, as well as doing makeup.  I am loving these little photo shoots!  They’re a chance for me to really exercise my creativity.  Plus it’s totally fun playing dress up and taking pictures, right?? :)

thrifted sequinsMany thanks to my beautiful model!  Can’t wait to share more soon.


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