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that’s what she wore ~ bright thrifted skirt plus thunder lovin’ {always}

IMG_7342Okay, so let’s talk about how outfit posts are definitely going to become more of a thing on this site.  Are we all cool with that?  I hope so.

IMG_7312See, here’s the thing….I have always loved fashion.  And not just that, but I love having fun with clothes.  I don’t take it too seriously.  And I don’t spend a fortune on items of clothing.  I feel like there’s room in the vast world of style bloggers {which I so am not.  but I thought I’d dabble a little} for someone like me, who on any given day is wearing an outfit that’s about 50% thrifted. :)  And, also, you know, not the perfect, rich, thin model type.  Not that there’s anything at all wrong with those types.  What I’m saying is, there’s room for someone like me who is definitely not that type. :)

Plus, it gives me an excuse to post pix of my favorite shoes, like these ones….

IMG_7315If you follow me on Instagram, you know I like to post “outfit of the day” pix and “Tuesday Shoesday” pix, and I have just always thought it would be fun to have some legit photos of some of that fun stuff.  Instead of just the ones I capture for Insta, where I’m all using my iPhone reverse camera and awkward angles or reflection photos. :)  For awhile now, I’ve joked that I need a cute boyfriend to photograph my outfits, like the real {cool, perfect} style blogger girls all seem to have.  But then my awesome photographer sis Amanda got a job close to mine, and I figured we could make some lunch time mini photo shoots happen, right?  Yay! :)  {Thanks, Mandi!!}

IMG_7320IMG_7324IMG_7329IMG_7304And now for the outfit details: the Thunder shirt was one of my first Thunder shirts ever {single tear} that my sis Amber happily got for me once she realized I was actually going to be a real fan of a sports team for the first time in my life. :)  The awesome plaid skirt, which contains all the colors of the rainbow, I found at a thrift store.  The shoes were from GoJane, back before it got super popular and raised it’s prices.  Now I pretty much only shop the sales on there.  I’m kinda cheap, y’all.  :)  Oh, and speaking of cheap, that cool ring {see what I did there?} was like a dollar or two at Rue21, after being marked 50% off the clearance price in the store.  I’m a sucker right now for words on jewelry.  Because I’m sophisticated like that.


p.s. Remember when the Oklahoma wind was so intense that it made my hair look all crazy in these pix and almost blew my skirt up all day??

p.s.2. Go Thunder!!  Beat the Clippers tonight!!!!

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photo shoot ~ newborn callum

baby sleeping on felt rug

Look at this sweet boy!  He was an amazing subject, whether he was fast asleep or wide awake posing for the camera. :)

baby on felt rugbright eyed newborncuddled babynewborn and parentsCallum’s dad is from Scotland, so there will little nods to that throughout this session, such as the “mum” on his cute little shirt.

mom kissing newbornnewborn family photoparents holding newbornnewborn with parentsOh, man.  I love these soccer ones so much!  They just make me smile every time I look at them.  I love how animated Callum was here.

newborn soccer photosCheck out his posing skills.  So impressive!newborn baseball photoCallum name blocksI loved everything about the nursery decor!  I can’t remember if Callum’s mom Jennifer said she found this mobile on Etsy or if she made it.  But I know she said she got the incredible felt circle rug {shown in several of these photos} on Etsy.

nursery decorTiny baby in a big, comfy chair. :)  I think it will be sweet to photograph Callum here again as he grows, to show how his size changes in relation to the nursery chair.

tiny baby in big chairI cannot resist baby feet.  Such cute little toes!

baby feet in black and whitesweet newborn with parents handsI’m so happy with how this shoot turned out!  I think I need Callum to give lessons to newborns for how to rock a photo shoot.  He was such a pro – and this was his first time! ;)


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that’s what she wore ~ thrifted treasures

thrifted floral heelsThis weekend, my best friend and photographer, Kelly Beane, came into town and stayed with me.  I took full advantage of having her around and had her do some photos of me.  As a photographer, I like to have professional portraits to use for my profile pic on various social media site, as well as on this blog.  {By the way, if you’re a professional of any kind, I think it’s a good marketing idea to have a professional image online, so hit me up if you’d like to schedule a little portrait session just for that reason. :)}  But anyway, I purposely planned an outfit {or two ~ so there will be another fun post soon :)} that was made up entirely of thrift store finds!

That’s right: everything you see in these photos was found at a thrift store.  Except for me.  And my glasses.  Those are from ZenniOptical, because finding glasses at the thrift store with my prescription is impossible. ;)

thrifted bracelet and shoesSee, I think I have a slightly different philosophy on thrifting than most people might….I shop for clothes I adore, not really vintage or whatever.  I love fashion, I love to be current, I love to be unique, and I especially love finding good deals!  Thrifting serves all those purposes for me, with the super added benefit of reusing items that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill somewhere.  Yep, I thrift because it’s good for this lovely planet we live on! ;)  And also because you can find things like this cute J.Crew tank top..for just a couple dollars.

thrifted jcrew tank topPlus, for me thrifting is just fun.  I mean, I can’t think of a better treasure hunt than searching through racks and racks of clothes!  Well, I can think of a better treasure hunt, but it would involve finding lots of money or lovely gemstones or a hot guy.. Finding great clothes seems easier, so I stick with that.  Haha!

thrifted outfit closeup headshotthrifted outfit full length poseHappy Monday, friends!  Hope you all have a fabulous week. :)


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Kelly BeaneMarch 31, 2014 - 11:10 pm

Yes yes yes! I am so happy with and love how these turned out. And you already know I wanted to steal that outfit. And your explanation of why thrifting is the easier treasure hunt… crack me up! I love you friend and I love photographing your talent of styling and thrifting, you are so awesome at it. I can’t wait to see where those talents take you.

jump for joy

I recently, as in just a couple of days ago, started an Instagram photo project called 100 Happy Days.  I decided to take on the challenge after reading about it on one of my very favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.  Anyway, here’s a link to the site if you are interested and perhaps would like to join in the fun yourself: 100 Happy Days.

But I mention that to say: today, so far, I haven’t felt super-happy about anything in particular {yet}.  See, I’m pretty sleepy because, one, it’s cold and rainy; and two, my sis and I drove down to Dallas to go to the Thunder game there with my niece and a friend {which, incidentally, was my “happy” post for yesterday}.  After {losing :(} the game {which went into overtime}, we drove back here to Oklahoma, and I was at work at 8:00 {okay, about 8:19} this morning.  So, sometimes a happy yesterday leads to a sleepy today.  And really, I just wanna snuggle up in bed and not feel anything but warm and asleep. :)

The cool thing about doing this 100 Happy Days project is that all day already, I’ve been on the lookout for what I can post about that’s making me happy today.  And I already know it will be something about this evening at my church.  Because every Wednesday night, I volunteer at Switch, our church’s youth program.  And most Wednesday nights before Switch, I meet with my amazing mentor, Kathy.  Wednesday nights are always dear to my heart. :)

But I know life is all about living in the moment, and what’s making me happy this very moment are these super cute jumping photos I took at my cousin’s wedding last weekend.  If you’ve ever met me, you know I don’t like to be very typical – meaning, I like to be different.  And maybe jumping photos can be kinda typical, but I think these ones are exceptional – and not because I took them!  But because, first, look how cute this wedding party is, seriously.  And second, I think these are such a good capture of a fun couple and fun group and fun wedding day!  :)

adorable jumping wedding partySo, happy Wednesday, my friends.  What is making your heart happy today?


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Kelly BeaneMarch 31, 2014 - 11:13 pm

Oh my gosh, they totally got into these, which makes the best jumping photos. Love it!

a little peek at a lovely couple’s wedding day

bridal bouquetThis weekend, I made a quick trip to Iowa and back to photograph my cousin Chris’s wedding on Saturday.  Chris married the very lovely Ashley in a beautiful  ceremony that was an absolute pleasure to be a part of.  I loved being their photographer, and I just couldn’t wait to share a few of my favorites of this sweet couple!

bride by windowbride walkingI told Ashley I could have photographed her all day, and I wasn’t lying!  The camera loves this girl!

brideAnd Chris was so handsome and so happy!

groomcufflinksceremonyringsforehead kisskissing under veilveil kissreceptionkissCongrats, Chris & Ashley!!  Can’t wait to send you all your photos! 


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chelsea SmIthMarch 18, 2014 - 3:44 pm

Theese are amazIng AbI good job

Tim BurghardtMarch 18, 2014 - 6:51 pm


You were absolutely great. Best wedding photographer ever. I don’t just say this because it was my daughters wedding. You were very sweet and accommodating, yet you kept everything moving very efficiently.

Thank you so much,

Kelly BeaneMarch 31, 2014 - 11:15 pm

Soooo very pretty, love your details shots here!